Viewplot is a CAD Viewer/Translator and Editor in one

Translate your CAD data in seconds, as standalone tool or integrated within existing CAD processes.

Viewplot allows you to inspect various CAD formats, take measurements and manipulate data.Create high

resolution PDF documentation within the graphical user interface or in batch mode.

It is the most complete and inexpensive tool available on the market !


The Viewer is absolutely free and include the same functionality as the licensed version.

Viewplot can be used and shared by anyone needing to view & print electronics design and manufacturing data,

as PCB Designers, PCB suppliers, Assemblers, Designers and Testers.


Gerber(274X), Hpgl, DXF, Exellon, BMP, TIFF and Aperture files can be Viewed

Viewplot 2.0


Enhanced import & export capabilities

Input Formats Output Formats
Gerber RS-274D Gerber 274D & X
Gerber RS-274X (Extended) HPGL
DXF Drill / NC
Drill / NC Viewplot Job format
Viewplot Job Format Do_file (Ample for MGC Bs)
Monochrome Bitmap Bitmap
Monochrome Tiff  
Note: Image format: BMP & Tiff  (Translated to horizontal lines)



The user interface is customizable, personalized hot-keys allow users full interface control.

Standard Windows interface; Menus, toolbars, and other interface features follow Windows standards.

Including context-sensitive menu's.

Viewplot delivers performance and features unmatched in the industry.

The representation from the input data on the screen is extremely sharp, it will gives a clear view

from the input data, even from a "View all".

Makes verification much easier and more comfortable, comparing with all other Gerber viewers 

using a bitmap view, this will result in a spaghetti look.

Viewplot is designed to reduce manufacturing production expenses and enhance productivity.

Verification capabilities ensure efficient workflow to manufacturing equipment.

Viewplot runs on a desktop or laptop Windows PC.



Key functions of Viewplot




PDF Output


Data manipulation


Examples from the usability from Viewplot


Mentor Graphics Board-Station Interface

Mentor Graphics Board Station users can integrate Viewplot within Fablink and Librarian.

Run Viewplot after you create the artworks, rename & reorder artwork names, and create the high resolution PDF output

documentation by a push on the button. (Gerber to PDF batch)

On top of that we also provide a DXF to Mentor Board-Station Board-outline conversion.

Mechanical board information can be loaded in Viewplot (Updates can be made, e.g. adding additional Drill holes)

Export to the Board Station file format, that will draw the board-outline (including drill holes).

For licensed users of Viewplot the additional user-ware for the Board Station interface will be provided without

additional cost.




The Viewplot viewer  is completely free of charge. Viewplot can be used and shared by anyone needing to (re)view

electronics design and or manufacturing data.

By combining all the input files needed for manufacturing or (re)view in one complete Viewplot Job file.

Viewplot easily transfers work from design to colleagues for review or to fabrication.

The Viewer includes the same functionality as the licensed version. except saving output data.


For saving a valid license key is required.

Saving in the internal Viewplot format (Job file) is part of the Viewer !


System Requirements (Min)

X486 or Higher

Windows XP, 2000, NT

16 MB+ RAM

20 MB+ Hard Disk