View Options


Load Gerber layers

In the default mode all loaded files will be visible



Hide layers

Set: Viewable Layer Settings



Hide Object

Set: Filled Polgon view

Filled Polygon option in "Viewable Objects"




Set: Hatched Polgon view

Hatched Polygon option in "Viewable Objects"

To allow inspecting tracks on other layers covered by a polygon.




Set: Contour Polgon view

Contour Polygon option in "Viewable Objects"



Special views

Set: Contour view

Filled object option off in "Viewable Objects"

Displays all Filled objects in contour.




Set: Number & Direction view

With the "Follow number and direction" option, the exact order from the input data will be displayed, to inspect the

order and direction from possible incorrect data.



See also: View & Review Gerber & Drill data