Setting up the License file






This should return the key number as send to you by Email.



Note: When you received a temporary license file a message will return: "Temporary license"




Problems setting up the license

If the USB key will not light up, the USB driver isn't recognized by the operating system or not installed correctly.

Try following actions to resolve the problem.


-If the USB driver is installed, and the USB key was already attached, reboot your system.


-If the Driver wasn't installed correctly. Re-install the USB license key driver:

 Run the setup from ..\Viewplot\key\setupdrv.exe


-If you haven't a key driver in the Viewplot installation directory.

 Install the USB key Driver installation from the download area.


-Uninstall Viewplot, reboot, Remove the USB key and install a new setup from the download area


If you still have license problems left don’t hesitate to contact us.