Export Data


Input data can be Exported to Gerber-D/X, HPGL, DXF, PDF & Bitmap format.

All loaded files can be translated in a single action.


Load Gerber(D or274X) data



Export to Gerber data



select export files

Note: if the Output directory is the same as from the Input files, the Exported files will be named

using a "file_name"_x number.




Export to PDF


Define the layers to Export as from above and define the typical Paper settings for PDF.

With the option "Reverse layer (drill)", the drill layer number can be selected which will then be used

to create a combined drawing from Gerber & Drill data.

The Drill size will be subtracted from the Geber data in this case.


PDF options

"Reverse layer" option is set by default to None.




PDF with combined drill holes

PDF file with Gerber in combination with drill holes. Option "Reverse layer (drill)"